reading week

May 22-28, 2017

The past five days have been a total blur, so much so that I didn’t even post on Sunday/Monday about my week in reading. It is now the following Friday, and yet another reading week is almost over.

All of the blame goes to a super cute new puppy friend we made that Thomas rescued last weekend. Let me introduce you to Sam…he also goes by Sam Finnegan, Pup-Pup, and Lil Baby. He has been a handful when it comes to feeding, training, taking out every 2-3 hours because his bladder is tiny, puppy classes, first vet appointments, and of course receiving much loving and attention from us. He is very cute, but he is also hogging up all the time!

I also started volunteering/interning at the UF libraries with a College of Journalism & Communications librarian, which is also a new development that has been taking up some of my time (and requires early mornings)! I have enjoyed it so far. That plus continuing my weekly volunteering at the public library has me feeling like I have found enough things to put on my plate this summer before we leave for Colorado.

This post also was supposed to be done during Memorial Day weekend, which was my brother Junior’s birthday. He is 10 now… so that’s ludicrous and real life. My baby brother is 10. I went home and celebrated with him.

Anyway, let’s finally talk about the reading I’ve been doing. (Honestly, not much.) Since my last post I’ve finished The Vegetarian by Han Kang, which was one of the most memorable books I’ve read this year. It was hard to put down the first 2/3rds, extremely sad, but also smart and thought-provoking. I really enjoyed my experience reading it with two other lovely ladies as part of a buddy read, and I definitely will read Human Acts before the year is over.

I also finished Photobooth: A Biography by Meags Fitzgerald. It was a completely different kind of graphic memoir, looking at the history of photobooths and then entwining that with the author’s own personal history with photobooths. Some parts were more engaging than others – I don’t really feel the same niche passion about photobooths, but I can definitely tell it was important to the author. I enjoyed learning more about what photobooths meant to the author and her reminiscing.

I did get back into audiobooks this week. On Friday I drove for five hours for Junior’s birthday, and for the majority of those five hours I listened to The Song Machine by John Seabrook. It is super easy to listen to, especially because it’s about pop songs and narratives I know. As I got home I had an hour or so left, which I got to finish on my drive back north on Monday.



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