My stained glass experience

Last week I took a stained glass class and made my own creation. Truly, something I never thought I’d do when I moved to West Virginia.

We made a Friendship Ring quilt pattern and we got to pick the stained glass pieces we liked. In part because the glass pieces were ready for us and in part because our teacher was incredible, this project was 100 times easier than I expected. I learned all kinds of terms, including solder and flux. I learned how to use these tools, best practices for getting smooth soldering, how to put putty so the piece is more stable, and then cleaning it by using sawdust.

Appalachian crafts and skills are so incredible. Where I come from, I just go to Walmart and buy what I need. I never really get to create things; I never get to express myself using art.

Before I took this class, I was a little bit resistant because of the price tag, but my supervisor pushed for me to take it. It was so worth it and I’m so glad I ended up doing. Pretty, pretty cool!


My workspace before I got to work!


Getting started… we used push pins to keep our glass pieces in place and stuck lead pieces between each glass piece.


Getting there!


Ready to start using the iron for the outside!


Ta-da! I made this! From nothing! (Well not from nothing but…)

Until next time, from this #EmbarrassingFloridianInWV to you.




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